Sony F5 Cinealta 4K Super 35 mm camera

Fujinon Cabrio XK6X20  4K Cine Zoom Lens

Canon L Series Lenses, Sony 20mm, Sony 50mm, Sony 90 mm macro

Matte Box - .6 ND Grad, .6 ND, Polariser

Sachtler tripod head with Sachtler flowtech legs, Miller tripod and head

Small HD DP6 (six inch monitor)

Small HD 702 Bright (seven inch monitor)


1 x Nanlite 300Bii with  Aputure 90cm dome

1 x Nanlite 300B

Two  1x2 ft  LED Flex lights - variable colour temperature with v-lock battery

One 1x1 ft Lupo Superpanel led  - variable colour temperature with v-lock battery

One 1x1 ft Led 5600 K Panel with v-lock battery

2 x Nanlite Pavotube ii 6C

One  Kino Divalite 400 (5600 K, 4300 K, 3200K Lamps)

Rifalite Soft box

Two Dedolight 150 watt

One  Dedolight 650 watt

One Aputure AL-F7 Variable Led

Four F&V Z96 leds with sony NP Batteries

2m x 2m Lastolite Skylite Diffuser and reflector frame kit Various size reflectors, C stands, clamps, blacks and cutters

Other lighting gear available on request

ADDITIONAL Equipment List

Video Split transmitter/receiver

Wally Dolly 3m track

metre Kessler Cineslider

DJI Ronin RSC2 Gimbal for Sony A7s3 mirrorless camera or similar

Sony A7S3 mirrorless camera (great as B camera with F5 or on Helix Gimbal)

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

GoPro Hero 5 & GoPro Hero 8

IPAD Teleprompter autocue

MacBook Pro 16 inch

Backdrop kit with Black and Chromakey Green backdrops 

One 800 watt Redhead

One  2K Blondie

Camera assistant/Grip Full Grip truck with Gaffer available on request


1 x Sennheiser radio mic

1 x Sennheiser plug-in transmitter

1 x Sennheiser lapel mic

1 x NTG-3 shotgun mic

AUDIO OPERATOR with full audio kit available on request


Hyundai Iload Crew van

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